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Beta Release – A2Billing customer interface templates.

I am pleased to announce that we have beta released the first set of 4 templates for A2Billing customer interface. Below you can get a glance of the UIs. The templates were implemented using the Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 API. For more details about the API check this link.
If you are interested on buying any of these templates, make sure to request a demo to a2demo @t More details about pricing, etc can be found in our products page.
We have a set of servers in place with running templates so you can test how the new templates behave in your preferred browser.
The plan is to move forward and add more and more templates to our catalog. It is important to mention that these templates can be implemented in your server, even if you have already customized your A2Billing platform.

For any doubts, feel free to contact us.
DevAleph Team.

Ulises is a Computer engineer with over 8 years of world-wide management experience who has lived in the US and Argentina and worked on large technology projects for companies in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Spain, Brazil, USA, among others.
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