HTTPS como un factor de ranking para Google

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Google ha anunciado que utilizar HTTPs para servir páginas será un factor de ranking, alias “HTTPS everywhere”. Esto seguramente afectará los costos de un nuevo sitios si es que nos interesa rankear bien por cuestiones de SEO. Habrá que además de un certificado SSL, tener en cuenta detalles como: recursos estáticos CSS/JS generalmente servidos desde… Read more »

PiPhone – Un teléfono celular con tu Raspberry Pi y otros elementos

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Excelente projecto para jugar y experimentar durante el fin de semana. David Hunt a creado un teléfono celular con una Rasperry Pi Modelo B, Un pantalla touchscreen, una bateria, una tarjeta SIM, un conversor de voltage y algunos cables y conectores extras. Todos los detalles se pueden encontrar de este projecto llamado PiPhone.  

Responsive A2Billing template

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 This time we are working on a new responsive template for a2billing. We will create a very simple template focused on mobile devices, for example all of our testing is towards “mobile first” and using the latest Twitter Bootstrap 3 API. The screens will be designed with just the needs (fields to present) that our… Read more »

Customize your Asterisk emails

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It is common that when you are not available, you would like callers to leave a message. Even better if that voice message can be recorded and sent via email. Here we are not going to cover how can you do this, but let me mention that this can be done very easily on FreePBX… Read more »

A clean and fresh GUI for A2billing

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Beta Release – A2Billing customer interface templates. I am pleased to announce that we have beta released the first set of 4 templates for A2Billing customer interface. Below you can get a glance of the UIs. The templates were implemented using the Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 API. For more details about the API check this link…. Read more »

A2Billing templates: Almost ready for release!

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We have worked pretty hard for the last couple of months on developing a new set of templates for A2Billing (customer section). Below a glance of how the UI is looking. The plan is to do some more testing (across different browsers and OS) and fix all those bugs that may appear. We are pretty… Read more »

A2Billing Customer Template customization

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As a way to improve and share the look and feel of my custom A2Billing instance, I started working on changing the most used screen, hence the index.tpl or Customer Login Screen. After finishing my customization (check here) I decided to make it generic and available at GitHub so anybody could use it. I am… Read more »

Customizing A2Billing Customer Login Screen template.

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Conception of the project: I dislike the GUI interface of A2Billing 1.9. Period. Since A2billing is open source and I really wanted to make it look better, I started researching and trying to see how to customize its UI. First step was to find the files on the server (/var/www/html/a2billing/customer/templates/default) and understand the templates concept… Read more »