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It is common that when you are not available, you would like callers to leave a message.
Even better if that voice message can be recorded and sent via email. Here we are not going to cover how can you do this, but let me mention that this can be done very easily on FreePBX by using VoiceMail for the given extension.
VoiceMail 300x281 Customize your Asterisk emails

What I do want to explain is how you can customize the email message template. Some scenarios where this can be interesting are:

  • Would like to change the language
  • Want to rephrase
  • Include more details, etc.

In my case, I wanted the text to be in Spanish (my mother language).

The file to change and customize is:


Customizations done on this file:

Email subject:

emailsubject=[]: Nuevo mensaje de voz en casilla ${VM_MAILBOX}

Email body:

emailbody=${VM_NAME}:\n\n\tsolo queriamos avisarle que tiene un mensaje de ${VM_DUR} de duracion (mensaje numero ${VM_MSGNUM})\nen su casilla de mensajes ${VM_MAILBOX} del numero ${VM_CALLERID}, el dia ${VM_DATE},\n${IF($["${VM_CIDNUM}" = "${ORIG_VM_CIDNUM}"]?so:(grabado por ${ORIG_VM_CALLERID} el ${ORIG_VM_DATE})\nso)}. Gracias!\n\n\t\t\t\ - Casilla de mensajes\n

Now the email that you will get:
email 1024x261 Customize your Asterisk emails

For more details about what option you have for your email messages you can check this tutorial.

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