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Conception of the project:

I dislike the GUI interface of A2Billing 1.9. Period. Since A2billing is open source and I really wanted to make it look better, I started researching and trying to see how to customize its UI. First step was to find the files on the server (/var/www/html/a2billing/customer/templates/default) and understand the templates concept (Smarty). Later since I am not a PHP Guru (not even close), I had to understand a little bit of that language. Not that hard as I thought.

My first attempt was to modify and remove the html code that was not required by the TELCO company that I am working with Then I thought about what I did not like about the GUI.

To me, it was fresh, clean nor up to date (in terms of look and feel and table less source code) and then realized what I could do to improve it and share it with the community. I have used the Twittter Bootstrap API for other projects so then the light at the end of tunnel showed up: What if I implement the Twitter Bootstrap API as a custom template with the A2Billing PHP / Smarty code?

As of now I am almost done with the customization of /var/www/html/a2billing/customer/templates/default/index.tpl template.

Below you can see the output html…. and it works! you can login and see your balance on the next screen. Next step is to make it generic to support the default A2billing template (working on it).

Also It will be available at GitHub, of course for free (public repository) icon wink Customizing A2Billing Customer Login Screen template. Will post any news on this blog, hopefully soon… stay tuned.

 GUICustomTemplate 1024x669 Customizing A2Billing Customer Login Screen template.

Ulises is a Computer engineer with over 8 years of world-wide management experience who has lived in the US and Argentina and worked on large technology projects for companies in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Spain, Brazil, USA, among others.
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