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mobile a2billing Responsive A2Billing template This time we are working on a new responsive template for a2billing. We will create a very simple template focused on mobile devices, for example all of our testing is towards “mobile first” and using the latest Twitter Bootstrap 3 API.

The screens will be designed with just the needs (fields to present) that our customer wants to present to the its clients.

Here a pic of the login screen so far…. still working on it.

The application will have 4 very simple sections:
- Login
- Dashboard (Header, List of last XX calls with details as phone #, destination, cost, etc)
- Logout
- Integration with Dinero Mail.

We’ll keep you posted.

Ulises is a Computer engineer with over 8 years of world-wide management experience who has lived in the US and Argentina and worked on large technology projects for companies in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Spain, Brazil, USA, among others.
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